The American Legion Riders of Georgia

DOG ALR Retreat 2020

Pointes West Army Resort

6703 Washington Road

Appling, GA  30802

For Reservations call:  Pointes West @ 706-541-1057.

Tell them you need to make a reservation for the ALR Retreat on June 12th and out on June 14th.  Current group reservation is under the name of Larry Hammond. You can start making Reservations as of Jan 1st.  Deadline for reservations is Friday May 1st, 2020. After that, you’re on your own.

Ø    for cottages and cabins you must have the maximum number of people it accommodates when you reserve it.  Only ONE person makes the reservation and checks in at the reception center.  That person in charge will pay for the room, collect from the others and check out at the end.

To visit the Pointes West website, Click Here