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Department of Georgia American Legion Riders

2023 Department Convention is Fri, Jun 23rd, 2023 thru Sun, Jun 25th, 2023.  ALR meets Sat @ 1:30 pm.  Registration by mail  or at the door is now $30.  Department Convention is a required ALR event for 100% Participation recognition.  For the Hotel Reservation & Registration Form click here.

100% Chapter Participation Recognition - Each ALR Chapter must have at least ONE (1) representative in each of the required  and optional (as specified) DOG ALR events.  We know that everyone has local events, people work, bikes are in the shop, etc, etc, but only ONE member is required.  Members of the ALR Executive Committee (Director, Assistant Directors, District Directors and Past Director) are excluded, because we expect them to make every effort to participate in these events.  Presentations will occur after the Department Convention each year.

2022/2023 Requirements:  Click Here for the requirements

FREE Accidental Death Life Insurance UP TO $5,000 is available to the Legion, Auxiliary and SAL (if over 18 years old).  Sign up once, keep your Legion Family membership current and you will never have to sign up again.  Please do this NOW for your loved ones.  You will need your Legion Family membership number for verification. Click here to sign up.

In the event of a fatal accident, a beneficiary should call The LIT at 800-235-6943 and ask for claims to begin the compensation process.  The members name and membership number will be required.

          Peach Pass - Toll Exempt Account

This is an Account where each vehicle associated with this Account will not pay a toll on toll facilities because each vehicle is a motorcycle. To open a Toll Exempt Account, please contact the Peach Pass Customer Service Center at 855-724-7277.

Please have this information available:

Credit/Debit Card (charges are applied and reversed)

Motorcycle Info:  Year;  Make;  Model;  Color;  License Plate#​








































































































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